Belt Your Face Off!

Are you a singer who's always wanted to learn how to belt sing, but have been told you can't, or that it's "unhealthy"?


Now you can learn the most effective techniques and exercises guaranteed to get you belting the right way, taught by international voice finder & Wicked actress Felicia Ricci.


  • No more vocal strain.

  • No more guesswork.

  • No more wasting time & money on voice teachers who don't know how to teach belt singing.

Are you ready to get started?


When I was first working as a Broadway actress, there were practically NO voice teachers who were willing to teach me how to belt healthily.


Most voice teachers are uncomfortable teaching belting because they believe it's unhealthy. This is false!


Most of the time (and I feel sort of bad saying this) "old school" voice teachers just don't know how to belt themselves, so they keep telling their students it's simply not possible.


It's so frustrating to be told that you have to hold your voice back, or that the only way to belt is to "scream" or hurt your voice.


That's simply not true! Like every other vocal technique, belting is achievable through a series of cues, exercises, mental triggers, and muscle memory. All you need is the right teacher. :)


I created Belt Your Face Off! because I wanted to cut through all the mystery and teach *anyone* to belt.


When I was cast in the Broadway tour of Wicked, going on for the lead role of Elphaba about twice per week, I had to learn how to sing her incredibly high, powerful belter songs consistently and without strain.


So I got to work.


For the seven years since then, I've pulled together everything I've learned as a singer and international voice coach to develop a safe, healthy sequence of exercises and warmups that allow you to build an incredibly powerful belting voice -- that "wow-factor" sound that's so popular today.


I know what it takes to belt sing. And it's actually way easier than you think. (I promise!)


As a Belt Your Face Off! student, you'll...


  • Learn how to use the minimum amount of vocal cord for the maximum result -- creating a supported, powerful sound with almost no effort

  • Develop pro-level consistency and a vocal vocabulary that lets you "ready, aim, fire" your sound so it "pings out" in your belter resonance, every time

  • Get daily practice sessions, homework, and text guides that give you a clear sequence of warmups to deliver noticeable RESULTS

  • Watch interactive, one-on-one style video lessons where Felicia breaks down everything clearly, succinctly, and in plain English


...I know you're going to LOVE Belt Your Face Off!


Listen, I know firsthand what it's like to invest lots of money in private voice lessons, with little to no result. I want you to get results from Belt Your Face Off! -- guaranteed. 


Which is why the course comes with a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy. Check it out, see if it clicks, and if not, you get all your money back.


I want you to feel empowered to sing any vocal role, and not feel limited by your range or confidence as a belter.


I want you to sing that dream role you never thought you could :-)


As a student of Belt Your Face Off!, you will get lifetime access to the course, including a comprehensive 41 page singer manual and searchable Q&A, plus a class discussion wall -- meaning you'll become part of a super cool community of over 2273 classmates!


I never want you to feel lost, or like you don't have the tools to belt sing. It's time to bust through those walls and get that belting sound you always wanted but never thought was possible.


Does the idea of being able to belt sing make you super psyched?


Then I'd be thrilled for you to join my course!! Let's do this. Let's belt our faces off!


Thanks for reading.

xo Fel





I've learned more from Felicia than my voice coach for 3 years. 

Billy C.


My voice just got Miyagi'd. Breakthrough in Week One.



I'm really loving your course. The way you explain everything makes it all sound so achievable. It's all stuff I've been taught for years, but the way you explain it makes the approach so easy and natural.

Cameron C.


Felicia's instruction was so helpful and I learned so much from her. I got over 15 scholarship offers and/or acceptances from colleges and much of this was because of her instruction! Thanks so much, Felicia!

Molly I.


Genius! This chick has an awesome voice and her personality is stellar :)



You're amazing! You're the first person that I actually enjoy watching to teach me how to sing.

Sephra J.


Oh my gosh, you're wonderful. Thank you so much for these tips. I love doing musical theatre too but I'm only 14 and your tips have given me a much greater sound and blend.



I took this course because I was a classically trained singer and I wanted to learn how to get a (healthy) belt sound. Within a few days, I was able to greatly improve my vocal mix and I was belting much more effectively! I recommend this to any and all singers- please learn to belt properly and in a healthy way! Don't kill your larynx! :)

Agnieszka M.


The 'Find a vowel' tip helped me with a few songs I've been struggling with -- particularly Enjolras' part in 'One Day More' from Les Mis, where there's lots of O's that I now morph into A's (One more day before the staaaaarm, at the the barricades of freedaaaaaam), thanks a bunch!

Jarred S.


I've taken a lot of voice lessons in my day, but this belting course taught me secrets and techniques that I had never even thought of trying.

Tessa R.

Belt Your Face Off: A Complete Guide to Belt Singing

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